Webinar Replay: How Publishers Use Data to Close More Deals With Advertisers

Privacy regulations completely changed the collection, management, and usage of data in the digital media and ad tech industry. More than ever, data ethics and transparency have become essential to data gathering.

While it may come with its challenges, these new changes have urged publishers and advertisers to closely consider the needs and safety of consumers. There is still much work to be done to make sure consumer needs are considered during data collection, but many laud the benefits of using first-party data not just for building a more responsible and sustainable advertising ecosystem but also for future-proofing it. 

During our Aug. 31, 2022 webinar, “How Publishers Can Use Data to Close More Deals With Advertisers,” Admonsters chatted with Stephanie Mazzamaro, VP, Data Product & Operations, Trusted Media Brands (TMB) and Thomas Baart, Customer Success Manager, EMEA, Permutive about how they used their partnership to help TMB increase audience size by 22X, increase RFP win rate by 31%, and use first-party data to drive 94% of their direct-sold campaigns. 

TMB’s Data Evolution

  • Mazzamaro asserted that Trusted Media Brands has been gathering offline 1st-party-data for nearly 100 years and that helped them establish trust with their audience. Since then they have evolved into the authority when it comes to gathering centralized online data. 
  • To move away from third-party cookies, the company has taken several steps:
    • To completely overhaul their taxonomy, they worked on better site navigation, higher-quality insights, and smarter re-circulation models. 
    • DMP migrations have allowed them to gather 1st-party-data at scale, increase their audience by 22x, and leverage insights for ad personalization. 
    • Their upcoming strategy will include contextual video, display targeting, and diversifying their portfolio with CTV, streaming, and social brands to capture further first-party data. 

Trusted Intelligence 360 (ti360) 

  • Both Mazzamaro and Baart detailed their new technology ti360 which provides valuable data points around campaign performance and revenue won in the open marketplace and private marketplace deals. 
    • Since creating ti360 the brands’ ability to target the right cohort at the right time has increased CTR +78% 
    • Target relevant and granular audiences for campaigns on privacy, scale, and trust
    • Learn about the interests and behaviors of their audience through mid and post-campaign reporting
  • While ti360 emphasizes data that suits partners’ business objectives and KPIs, it also creates data-driven connections for contextual storytelling. This will help publishers use consumer insights to make better deals with advertisers. 

Watch the full webinar in the video player above, or on our AdMonsters Webinars On-Demand Platform.