TripleLift & RESET Digital Join Forces: Revolutionizing Diverse-Owned Media Ad Spend

TripleLift (an SSP), RESET Digital (a DSP), and TripleLift’s UNREP (Underrepresented Voices) joined forces to package impressions directing dollars straight to minority-owned media across display, video, and CTV.

Marketer interest in advertising on diverse-owned media sites is growing, but as a recent ANA survey highlights, diverse-owned media organizations aren’t seeing the money. Between 2021 and 2022, 56% of diverse media owners reported marketer interest in their properties, yet only 38% saw investment.

Some marketers are pumping their ad dollars into the programmatic pipes seeking to meet their commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, only to find that their ads are running in unwanted places. And then some diverse-owned media publishers aren’t seeing those ad spend commitments due to being labeled MFA sites.

The chasm between intent and actual spend is real.

So how can advertisers ensure they’re buying quality inventory from minority-owned media businesses throughout the programmatic ecosystem? And how can advertisers meet their diverse spending goals with less friction?

That’s exactly the bridge that TripleLift and RESET Digital are building. Together, the companies are offering advertisers multiple pathways to ensure a greater portion of their digital budgets can be directed toward diverse-owned media companies.

I spoke with Charles Cantu, Founder and CEO of RESET Digital to learn more about the problem this partnership solves, and what it means for advertisers, as well as diverse media owners.

TripleLift & RESET Digital Join Forces

Lynne d Johnson: Charles, this partnership seems like a game-changer in the ad tech. Can you give us the elevator pitch on how this collaboration with TripleLift is going to revolutionize the way advertisers meet their diverse spending goals?  

Charles Cantu: Historically, advertisers have been hesitant to count programmatic spend as part of their diversity commitment since there have been multiple intermediaries or platforms that were not diverse-owned and needed to connect to minority-owned publishers.

This collaboration provides a solution with a direct path to all diverse-owned properties throughout the programmatic ecosystem.

Significant Gap Between Intent and Actual Spend

LdJ: The ANA survey last year highlighted a significant gap between the intent to spend on diverse suppliers and actual spending. How do you see this partnership specifically addressing and, hopefully, closing this gap?

CC: In an industry that sadly delivers 2% or less of media to diverse-owned and operated publishers, our partnership ensures that marketers get to enjoy as good or better performance while balancing spend representative to their goals and commitments. 

We’re seeing true symbiosis where others have simply focused on exploitation of a moment and movement.

Combining the Best of Two Worlds

LdJ: RESET Digital is known for its neuroprogrammatic capabilities – which sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. Can you dive into how these capabilities, combined with TripleLift’s strengths, will enhance the way advertisers connect with diverse audiences?

CC: To simplify and harmonize with the moment, RESET has built the world’s first empathetic AI (or at least that we know of).  We move past the basics of behavioral targeting and cookies and have trained our AI to focus on the emotion within creative and content.

The resonance between consumer, creative, and content consistently drives 20%-45% lift in preference and sales.  Why, because now, you’re communicating to humans as they are first — HUMAN.  We have a saying at RESET that we help marketers speak to their prospects and consumers how they like to be spoken to, and everyone LOVES them for it.

Big Win For Minority-Owned Media

LdJ: This partnership is a big win for minority-owned media companies.  Can you shed some light on how exactly these companies will benefit and what kind of growth you foresee for them?

CC: The synergy between the two largest diverse supply markets and ad technology firms in the industry is beyond a game changer for minority-owned media companies.  Again, moving from less than 2% in media spend to upwards of 40 to 51% of budgets being delivered to diverse publications is a radical shift. 

But perhaps just as important, no matter the palpable sea change, performance for the marketer is paramount and that’s where we see longevity for all.  We wanted to deliver a simple and easy paradigm shift for our clients and we’re jubilant that we’ve been able to make that happen.

Looking Ahead

LdJ: With the native advertising launch on the horizon, how do you envision the evolution of this partnership, say, in the next couple of years? Any sneak peeks you can give us on what’s next for RESET and TripleLift?

CC: With the fusion of RESET’s empathetic AI™ and TripleLifts dominance in native advertising through first-party data, I believe we’ll be delivering the future cookieless advertising that far surpasses what was possible through overreliance on the cookie and behavioral targeting.