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It Ain’t Automatic: The Manual Side of Programmatic

Ask someone to explain what “programmatic” is and they will invariably use the word “automation.” Makes sense, but automation for whom? For buyers, programmatic platforms certainly automate the purchasing of media across sites. For sellers, programmatic brings hundreds if not thousands of buyers their way without sales having to pick…

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Roll Out the Red Carpet: Premium’s Entrance Into Programmatic

With the growth in digital ad spend via real-time bidding (RTB) validating its place as an established method of media buying, the debate has now turned to the likelihood of premium display inventory coming into the programmatic trading environment at scale.  RTB has proven itself to offer greater efficiencies in…

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Paths to Programmatic Premium, Part I: The Meadow Beyond RTB

Real-time bidding is programmatic trading, but programmatic trading is not simply RTB. That statement is not a riddle, though in the ever mind-warping universe of digital advertising technology, it’s caused a lot of confusion over programmatic buying. “RTB is just the mechanism – literally the buy approach,” explains Christine Peterson, Director…

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Programmatic Direct Sales Pick Up Steam

So much of the confusion and concern over the hot topic of programmatic premium stems from equating real-time bidding and programmatic buying. Let's put it out there for what undoubtedly won't be the last time: the former is a subset of the latter. Still, that doesn't stop overactive imaginations from…

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Programmatic Premium Accelerates Engagement for Ford

One of the highlights of AdMonsters' OPS Markets event in New York was a panel dedicated to the future of programmatic selling, featuring representatives from isocket, Maxifier, Varick Media Management and WebMD. The consensus seemed to be that programmatic buying has but one place to go next: premium territory.But it…

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