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The Future of Email Monetization: A Conversation With Powerinbox’s Jeff Kupietzky

We’ve been hearing about the death of email for a really long time now. But that’s not the case, says Jeff Kupietzky, CEO at PowerInbox, which brings publishers and advertisers together to monetize email and engage this captive audience. "Email is still the most effective channel for converting customers and…

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Native SSPs Gain Steam: How Native Is Steering Into Programmatic Channels

Native advertising is no longer just the topic du jour or an interesting addition to a publisher’s revenue strategy. Native is the wave of the future, embraced by both advertisers and publishers in the quest for relevancy and engagement. But diving into native can be trickier than it appears. The…

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On the Programmatic Road to the New Premium, Part 1: The Efficiency Imperative

“The truth is, digital media is overpriced.”I believe I flinched a bit as the agency executive made that blunt statement. We were chatting in the wake of a heated conference session about viewability, where the chief concern among the publisher quotient had been are agencies really going to pay more…

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Everyone’s Gone Native: Wrapping Up PubForum Sonoma & the Native Advertising Summit, Part 2

As I mentioned in the first part of this wrap-up of the Publisher Forum: Sonoma and the Native Advertising Summit, questions surrounding native seem to spring eternal: do utilitarian campaigns perform better than ones that are simply entertaining? As publishers and brands get bolder and wiser, we’ll have much more…

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Everyone’s Gone Native: Wrapping Up PubForum Sonoma & the Native Advertising Summit, Part I

Carve it into a tree, with a heart circling the acronyms: DM+NA.Digital media and native advertising – absolutely made for each other. The most perfect pairing since peanut butter met jelly; a more powerful coupling than Beyonce and Jay-Z; more notorious in the digital advertising ecosytem than Bonnie and Clyde.…

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Publisher Forum Sonoma: Live Blog

Ah, Sonoma! Your vineyards so lush, your sun so spicy, your breeze so cold. The Monsters have assembled and after some wine-fueled fracas on Sunday night, we're ready to roll with the Publisher Forum Sonoma agenda. First up, Brian Monahan, EVP and Managing Partner at MAGNA GLOBAL, describing the post-audience…

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