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QA in the Videoscape: Keeping Quality in Line with Demand

As demand among buyers for quality video inventory has risen, so have the channels for transacting on video--programmatic video, video private marketplaces, programmatic TV. At the same time, so have the platforms into which advertisers feel enthusiastic about buying video inventory, with in-demand media bursting into outstream, mobile and other…

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#OPSPOV: Blocking Ads to Save Digital Media’s Soul?

What if ad blockers are actually good for digital media and advertising?Does it sound so weird, especially considering that people from all digital media walks believe viewability makes the space better? It ensures ads are actually seen and will eventually take revenue away from bad actors as it seeps through…

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Behind the Bot: Spider.io Video Shows How Impression Fraud Works

By Zeus, I declare this holiday Botsgiving!Although bots have long been a menace to digital media (remember click fraud?), bot fever has been spreading like wildfire across the industry this year, probably in response to some dire statistics. The latest, from Integral Ad Science, suggests 14% of all impressions out…

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Rubicon Project is delighted and thrilled to be part of AdMonsters OPS

Advertising Operations is paramount in today’s online ad ecosystem, as overseeing the successful execution of a Web properties online advertising strategy is no small feat. While the history of OPS has been about trafficking and discrepancies, it is now vital to not only execute on, but strategically participate in, the…

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Quick Link: FTC Cracks Down on Malvertising Companies

The FTC issued a press release on Wednesday regarding companies that distribute malicious code through advertising: Original Article: Court Halts Bogus Computer Scans MikeOnAds.com summary: FTC lays down the law on Errorsafe/Malvertising Malvertising/Malware continues to plague our industry, hurting the reputation of major publishers, agencies and networks and convincing more…

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