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Building Trust: Resolving Mobile Analytics Discrepancies

 Following years of unfulfilled hype, mobile is now undeniably becoming a staple of mainstream media consumption, spurred for the main part by the success of the iOS and Android ecosystems. However, despite rapid advancements in mobile Internet usage, advertising revenues for the medium severely lag behind that of other digital…

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The Impression Exchange Solution: Idealism Versus Pragmatism

What is the IES? It seems to continue to make more regular appearances at the industry's events, but few people seem to fully understand what it is, and how it will impact their operations. The IES stands for "Impression Exchange Solution" (or sometimes "Standard"), though I would argue as a…

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Counting Discrepancies, A Cancer for Online Business

Post provided by Catchpoint Systems.Counting discrepancies in impressions, page-views, and other visitor data impact every online tracking company, publisher, and marketer. The cost of such problems varies and it impacts directly everyone involved. The sooner the problem is found and solved, the better it is for all.Adservers, Ad Networks, Web…

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