REPLAY—AdMonsters Webinar: Clear Visions For Direct-Sold Reporting

For years, the digital advertising world was entranced by the potential of increasing automation, but now the pendulum is swinging back toward that human touch in ad deals. That means publishers need to revisit the best ways to manage direct-sold campaigns in a complex contemporary digital paradigm.

Campaign reporting is a perennially knotty practice—it’s a challenge to understand and process data sources from all of a publisher’s partners, and discrepancies are impossible to avoid. Publishers need to make sense of those discrepancies and avoid wasting inventory from overbooking.

In this hour-long webinar, we take a close and thorough look at best practices for reporting direct-sold campaigns. Join Calson Lee from Ad-Juster and Kevin Smith from The Weather Company for expert guidance on optimizing booked impression volume, evaluating revenue risks, streamlining reporting processes, and bringing more accountability to an aspect of the business that can appear awfully mysterious.

Download the presentation at Ad-Juster’s website.

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