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To Automate or Not to Automate (Everything)

"Operations should always be looking to automate and no one wants to be stuck doing “manual” work," shares AdMonsters Chairman Rob Beeler. "However, we as an industry, have not reached a point where we can leave it all to the machines."

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The Gap Between Real and Perceived Brand Safety Issues

The discussion around brand safety has risen from a murmur to a prolonged roar, and it doesn’t seem to be quieting down anytime soon. In part, that’s because more issues and more sub-threads keep getting pulled into that discussion. My colleague Gavin Dunaway wrote a bit about this recently, and…

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Will the Real Technologists Please Stand Up?

I recently participated in a panel at AdMonster’s OPS TV discussing the future of cross platform measurement with Nielsen, TubeMogul, and Magna Global. We covered a lot of ground during our conversation, from addressing how to get digital measurement out of the toddler years to the need for content becoming…

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