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What Are the Best Practices for Using Attention Metrics?

While attention has always underpinned advertising, the rising popularity of attention metrics is a recent phenomenon in digital advertising. Attention Metrics refer to a set of data that can be used to approximate consumer attention to both media placements and creative. These metrics range from loose proxies like viewability to…

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Beyond Viewability: Marketers Seek to Master Mobile Attention Analytics

A new Yieldmo-commissioned report, "Attention 2.0: Enhancing Ad Measurement Beyond Clicks & Viewability—How Customer Attention Metrics Can Improve Mobile Advertising Outcomes," from Forrester Consulting highlights the glaring gap between what marketers know how to measure in mobile advertising versus what they wish they could measure—and more importantly, how those metrics…

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Jumpstarting Time-Based Transactions

You better believe I was bummed by the Digiday article suggesting that the time-based guarantee movement has stalled out. Those who regularly read my opuses know I’ve long been a huge advocate for this style of transaction because time (and really engaged time, which can be used as a proxy…

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#OPSPOV: The Obstacles to 100% Viewability

The scourge of digital advertising! The killer of revenue! The savior of our industry!Most supply-siders (perhaps grudgingly) will agree with the digital media masses that consider viewability a good thing for the industry. In a perfect world, advertisers would only be charged for ads that were seen; as the most…

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It’s About Time (as a Currency)

Believe it or not, the AdMonsters content team has been fretting about whether we have too much viewability in our OPS agenda. What? How is that possible? There is no such thing as too much viewability! Please – there sure is. Yes, viewability is the topic du jour (du année? du decáde?), and…

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