Slides of Our Lives: Why the Fall (in Revenue)?

In last week’s webinar that AdMonsters hosted with sponsor Roxot, “Measuring Up to Revenue Analytics,” we got into a new meaning of “WTF.” As presenters Alex Kharitoshin (from Roxot) and Bodhi Short (from Cordless Media) explained, sometimes “WTF” stands for “Why the fall (in revenue)?” or “Where’s the fill?”

In the webinar, Bodhi and Alex were talking about how the merits for publishers of being able to see performance graphically over time when running analytics, and honing in on the specific time when fill or revenue nose-dived for one of your demand partners. They showed some examples of what such a sudden aberration can look like in a visual dashboard: You can check those out by replaying a video of the webinar, which you can do at any time through the AdMonsters site.

But for now, we wanted to pull a slide that explains some of the reasons why revenue or fill might drop, seemingly out of nowhere. That should give you a clearer idea of how thoroughly you should investigate and troubleshoot these problems–and also of what you ought to do in order to get all stakeholder teams within your business on the same page. Obviously communication is important. Alex and Bodhi went on to explain how standardizing your naming conventions across teams, automating data collection and processing, and sharing data with all stakeholders are all involved in that communication. Learn about it all at your convenience in the webinar replay.

Click below for a clearer view of the slide and feel free to download it! Also, enjoy the webinar replay here.