AdMonsters Playbook: Aligning Regulatory Compliance & User Experience

By Gavin Dunaway December 31, 2018

If digital media monetization was as easy as hooking up a slew of page placements to programmatic demand sources and just watching the revenue roll in, all of our lives would be far less stressful. We also probably wouldn’t have jobs.

No, there is a nuance to digital media monetization—dare we call it an art? Understanding the ins and outs of ad servers, exchanges, and supply-side platforms is only a part of the job. What you might call the softer side of operations is ensuring that digital advertising and the mechanics behind it such as data collection and processing do not significantly detract from user experience.

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This year, the softer side gained a harsher edge as the European Commission’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, codifying the collection and processing of personal data for persons in the EU. The law applies globally, meaning any company with data operations—including publishers—affecting people in the EU must be in compliance. In addition, the state of California passed a similar law that will affect companies that interact with 50,000 citizens of the highly populous state.

However, instead of viewing these regulations as another burden, publishers should look at them as opportunities to dramatically improve user experience. The push towards opt-in consent for data collection and processing has been a long time coming, and should help mend the fractured relationship between media companies and their users.

In this playbook, developed in partnership with GeoEdge, we’ll dive into the details of GDPR and why best practices for compliance are also overall user experience and privacy concerns. We’ll also examine the ramifications of the California Consumer Privacy Act and movements toward regulation at the federal level. Finally, the playbook will tie privacy regulation compliance back to other revenue team user experience responsibilities, such as ad quality and malware prevention.

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