Webinar Replay: OTT & CTV Privacy Controls: Activating Choice & Transparency in Apps

The shift to OTT and CTV creates an opportunity for publishers to engage a growing audience and deliver personalized experiences – and that includes privacy controls. While mobile OTT and CTV apps are somewhat new territories when it comes to privacy, it’s important for media companies to be transparent about how they’re using and collecting viewer data.

Tegna is on the path to providing that transparency and choice with their OTT audience. During our April 15, 2021 webinar, OTT & CTV Privacy Controls: Activating Choice & Transparency in Apps, Chris Fehrmann, Tegna VP of Digital Products, and Alex Cash, OneTrust Consent and Preference Management Lead, explained to publishers how they can deliver personalization, and build trust within their streaming apps.

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OneTrust technology helps companies operationalize privacy, security, data governance, and compliance programs.

Key Takeways:

  • The changes coming to iOS are also coming to tvOS, so we have to think about the same user journey for TV platforms too.
  • Like the mobile landscape, CTV & OTT have a varied landscape with different coding requirements. For instance, fireTV is based on androidTV, but it has different requirements for SDK integration.
  • Consumers are thinking a lot more about privacy than they had been in the past. According to Consumer Reports, 96% of Americans agree that companies should be doing more to protect their privacy.
  • Due to targeting and efficiency, OTT/CTV are taking a significant share of spend from Linear and digital. 60% of digital is going to OTT/CTV this year and 21% of marketers linear budgets are going to OTT/CTV.
  • Having one single CMS that can be used to transition from web to mobile to CTV allows for consistent distribution of content, with single tagging and single taxonomy for a unified user experience.
  • Tegna rolled out compliance and consent by choosing a framework that affords all consumers with the same experience as the consumers in California, this approach could also potentially future proof them from coming privacy regulations and updates.
  • Due to the shared nature of OTT, publishers are mostly looking at household consent .vs user consent. But this is also where providing profiles on apps come into play so that publishers can have a single view of a user across their experience.
  • CPMs will drop for publishers who don’t adopt the standards for privacy, which will likely impact AVODs more than SVODs.