Minority Report Podcast: Walter T. Geer III: Moving with Intention

“It’s important to create an experience for your audience and to elicit an emotional response from someone who is viewing your ad,” shared Walter T. Geer III, Executive Creative Director, Experience Design at VMLY&R,  in his keynote at AdMonsters Publisher Forum Virtual.

Geer holds a total of six U.S Patents for digital ad formats and has developed ad products and implemented creative strategies for a variety of publishers and leading technology and media companies including Google, Viacom, NYTimes and MySpace.

During his keynote, Resolving the Great Disconnect on Aug 25, 2020, he raised concerns about the lack of cooperation between pubs, brands and agencies in their efforts to reach consumers. He said he didn’t think these parties worked together closely enough to make sure they were sharing the right kind of information that would enable them to develop more engaging creative—based on data and storytelling—that would lead to total recall.

In this episode of Minority Report Podcast, hosts Kerel Cooper, SVP Global Marketing, LiveIntent and  Erik Requidan, Founder & CEO, Tradecraft Advisory speak with Geer about his career journey, how he’s using this moment in time to help open doors for others, why he feels brands will get closer to the everyday life of a consumer, and much more.

The Minority Report highlights people of color, women & LGBTQ community within media, ad tech, advertising and marketing. Catch an episode of Minority Report Podcast Live from AdMonsters Publisher Forum Virtual Aug 26, 2020, featuring Reggie Hudson, Director of Digital Operations, Northstar Travel Group; Alicia Ray, Founder, Adtech Collective; and Brenda Salce-Garcia, SVP, Global Customer Success, Operative and co-founder of Tech Bae.