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The 2019 Publisher Salary Survey Awaits Your Input

The 2018 North American Publisher Salary Survey was enlightening while also surprisingly heartening—despite far-reaching dread about industry consolidation and the effect of data privacy regulations, respondents were quite upbeat about their job prospects, current roles, and the growth of their revenue teams. But does the same hold for 2019, especially…

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AdMonsters 2018 Salary Survey Is Here!

Despite all the gloomy news and overall uncertainty, publisher revenue specialists are surprisingly upbeat. The data we collected shows that 21% of respondents who answered the 2018 AdMonsters North American Publisher Salary Survey said they were fully satisfied with their compensation while 56% said they were somewhat satisfied. The same…

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84% Would Leave Their Jobs for More Money

The 2018 edition of the AdMonsters North American Publisher Salary Survey is coming soon! We surveyed over 400 respondents from across the US working in ad operations in broadcast, digital, print, mobile, social and retail and learned that while 56% were somewhat satisfied with their compensation, 84% would consider changing…

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Fill Out the 2018 Publisher Salary Survey

The job of digital ad operations has long been difficult to define—what exactly falls under the purview of ops? Inventory management, yield, revenue analytics… Even sales? No surprise, it’s been hard to evaluate—or justify—how much ops should be compensated. Instead of growing simpler as the digital media industry matured, the…

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