AdMonsters 2018 Salary Survey Is Here!

2018 was a year of major upheavals in the media world. The news has been filled with publisher mergers, layoffs, and buyouts. It would seem that publishers are in a panic as Google and Facebook—the infamous Advertising Duopoly continue to gobble up the majority of digital advertising revenue.

But as we move into 2019, despite all the gloomy news and overall uncertainty, publisher revenue specialists are surprisingly upbeat. The data we collected shows that 21% of respondents who answered the 2018 AdMonsters North American Publisher Salary Survey said they were fully satisfied with their compensation while 56% said they were somewhat satisfied. The same goes for responsibilities—27% expressed full satisfaction while 52% were moderately satisfied.


Although there seems to be a lot of pressure on the sell side as the industry consolidates and reorganizes, a majority of the publishers queried (57%) are predicting their revenue teams will increase over the next 12 months. Nearly a third expect the team to stay the same size, while only 5% are preparing for downsizing. A large majority feel very secure (37%) or somewhat secure (47%) in their current positions.

And on top of that, they seem to be making more than just a few years ago. Salaries are generally up 10%-15% across the board from the last time we compiled salary information for the 2014 Salary Survey.

The AdMonsters 2018 North American Salary Survey full report includes:

  • Base and total salary by position*
  • Base and total salary for publishers by position: 2014 vs 2018*
  • Base and total salary by experience level*
  • Average bonus pay by position*
  • Average salary increase by position*
  • Base and total salary by publisher type
  • Base and total salary by region
  • General benefits data
  • Base and total salary by position
    • (including average salary by experience level, average salary by publisher type, average salary by company size, salary increase over previous year, plus data on workload, bonuses, rewards/perks, and overall job satisfaction)

(*Also included in the free summary version of report)

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Download the Summary Report of the AdMonsters 2018 Salary Survey (Free)!!!

Click here to download the Summary Report of the AdMonsters 2018 Salary Survey (Free)

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