Fill Out the 2018 Publisher Salary Survey

The job of digital ad operations has long been difficult to define—what exactly falls under the purview of ops? Inventory management, yield, revenue analytics… Even sales?

No surprise, it’s been hard to evaluate—or justify—how much ops should be compensated. Instead of growing simpler as the digital media industry matured, the ad ops umbrella keeps expanding, even entering territory where there are no ads.

The AdMonsters Publisher Salary Survey has long been a resource for pay-level benchmarks for digital revenue specialists, thanks to the community’s willingness to share rather sensitive information. Ops professionals (and the growing consortium of players that handle publisher revenue efforts) have realized its in everyone’s interest to establish fair pay levels for analysts, traffickers, programmatic professionals, managers, directors, VPs… And even some in the C-Suite.

This year’s survey—opening Jan. 8 and closing Feb. 23, 2018—focuses on digital revenue professionals at publishers across North America, and dives into benefits and employee perks as well as overall job satisfaction. It may seem like a slog at 33 questions (and 1 suggestion box), but don’t filling it out will suck away your day as the majority of questions are multiple choice and optional.

Sharing personally identifying information is also optional, but we politely ask for them for verification purposes. Everyone who fills out the salary survey will receive a complimentary copy of the full report. We assure you all identifying data will be kept confidential—that stuff will definitely not be shared! As a thank you, we’ll be drawing two names randomly for $50 Amazon gift cards.

The report itself will be available with our Monstership subscription service (which has some pretty other crucial benefits, including conference discounts) before the Ops conference June 4-5, 2018. We’ll discuss the results at the conference and include key excerpts on the website.

Pass this link to the survey to your colleagues, your peers, your subordinates, your managers, and anyone else you know who falls under ever-widening banner of publisher digital revenue professional (it ain’t just ops anymore!). More responses means a clearer picture of how the ever-changing digital media world is valuing some of its most important resources.

The Salary Survey empowers you and your team to get the compensation that the industry deems appropriate—the compensation you all deserve. Fill out your copy today.