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Real-Time Bidding


Paths to Programmatic Premium, Part I: The Meadow Beyond RTB

Real-time bidding is programmatic trading, but programmatic trading is not simply RTB. That statement is not a riddle, though in the ever mind-warping universe of digital advertising technology, it’s caused a lot of confusion over programmatic buying. “RTB is just the mechanism – literally the buy approach,” explains Christine Peterson, Director…

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Valuation: The New Buying Skill

Media buying is about information superiority. Superior information allows parties of a bilateral transaction to quantify the value of the asset being bought and sold.Consider the television upfronts taking place in coming weeks — they are all about information superiority. Unfortunately, value is based on the amount of increase (or…

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Q&A with AdMonsters SE’s Jeffrey Seah from Starcom MediaVest on RTB, Vivaki’s Vision and More

Jeffrey Seah from Starcom MediaVest talks RTB, Vivaki's vision and more. Get the lowdown from AdMonsters SE Asia's afternoon keynote in this enlightening Q&A below.Do the senior advertisers and marketers actually care if media is ‘addressable’ and ‘automated’?It has been positioned as the new holy grail of marketing. And it…

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How Publishers Can Leverage Private Exchanges to Solve Ad Problems

The constant emergence of new online advertising technology often creates an adoption gap, where skepticism and marketplace confusion prevent many key stakeholders on both the buy and sell sides from implementing new technologies into their plans. We’re seeing it right now with real-time bidding (RTB), a technology that is experiencing…

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