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New Vision For the Header: A Conversation With PulsePoint

In the relatively brief amount of time since digital publishers have adopted header bidding en masse, the header has become jam-packed with demand partners. With new header solutions being built each day, publishers are now wondering how to manage—from who to let into their header to what criteria is available…

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The End Is Not Nigh for Digital Advertising

Last June, a major revenue guy from Medium spoke at AdMonsters’ Ops conference, laying out a fascinating native advertising model transacted on a time-spent basis. It was a bold plan that sparked a great deal of conversation throughout the event.So you can imagine I was disheartened when reading Ev Williams’…

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Best of AdMonsters 2016

One of the lessons 2016 has taught us is that there's a difference between "unpredictable" and "unexpected." That's as true in digital media and ad tech as it is anywhere else. Retracing steps, you can look back and make sense of how we got here. It's just been a slightly…

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Header Bidding Is a Game Changer for Smaller Publishers

My company, Gladly, has a unique perspective on the ad industry as both an ad network helping publishers monetize their audience, and as a publisher of our own small/medium website, Tab for a Cause, that sees roughly 40 million monthly banner ad impressions. In our experience, small publishers in particular…

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What’s In Your Header? Server-to-Server as a Latency Cure

You can dance around it, you can equivocate, you can point out there are other factors involved. But when you break it down, you have to concede: Running multiple header bidding partners tends to increase page latency. This is a significant concern for publishers, who find themselves in a position…

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What’s In Your Header? Know Your Header Metrics

Value obviously can move the needle in any marketplace, but what really makes waves is the perception of value. That's been happening in header bidding. More and more companies have been trying to get into the header, offering their own integrations and their own idividual "twist" that would set them…

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