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The Ad Ops Quantum Leap

What does ad ops have in common with Nobel-Prize winning physicist Max Planck, the father of quantum theory? AdMonsters Chairman Rob Beeler swears it's not that big of a leap, and celebrates the greatest moments to be in ad ops: when we put on our lab coats and experiment.

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Ad Ops Is a Thankless Job, But Thanks Anyway

Paraphrasing Rob Norman, formerly of WPP, Rob Beeler, Chairman of Admonsters says, "advertising is about trying to make the magic of a creative thought and use to technology measure how magical it was." Here's his take on ad ops as we head into Q4 madness. Read more.

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A Wild Decade at AdMonsters

Has Rob Beeler only been at AdMonsters for 10 years? It seems like he has always been the caretaker... As he scratches notch no. 10 on his AdMonsters belt, he takes a moment to contemplate how the industry has developed over the last decade. Spoiler alert: today's digital media landscape…

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Sitting Next to Tomorrow’s Leaders at the PubForum

Shy little Rob Beeler was quite nervous at his first PubForum in 2004, but he did learn a ton from the knowledgable nice guy he sat next to. Fourteen years later, that guy—Twitch SVP of Revenue Scott Newton—is the Monday morning keynote at 2018 Portland PubForum. Rob muses on the…

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