Seven Insights From Advertising Week NY, As Told From AdMonsters’ X Timeline

The 19th annual Advertising Week New York took place, and over 12,000 marketers, advertisers, media, and tech professionals attended this year’s conference. The event was filled with great content and jaw-dropping insights from the industry’s finest.

The event featured eight stages, representing the eight different areas of the advertising industry. Track content included marketing, ad tech, the creator and influencer economy, television, creative, web3, DEI, leadership, female empowerment, and of course the most glorified of them all, AI.

Aside from the content inside session rooms, the activations, iced coffee, juice bar, apple cider, and overall visual asthetics kept attendees busy and enthused.

AdMonsters X (formerly Twitter) community is full of insights and humor, and after browsing, we decided to spotlight a few X posts that caught our attention. We got a kick out of them and figured you would, too.

1. As Usual, GenZ Was a Topic of Discussion 

2. Netflix Still Won’t Sit Still, They’re Always up to Something

3. Will the Real AdTechGod Please Stand Up?!

4. The Kids of CMOs Panel Stole the Show

5. The State of Addressability

6. What Is Premium Anyway?

7. There Was A Surplus of Fun Things To Do