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VPAID Errors and Other Pitfalls of Programmatic Video

“What’s up with my fill rate? Why are the video ads loading so slow?”Those are the two questions publishers really don’t want to be asking themselves when it comes to digital video – especially if they’re dabbling in programmatic waters.High-value video inventory is the moneymaker of the moment for publishers…

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Shepherding Online Video Growth Through Updated Standards

Change is in the air. The industry standards that control how supply and demand sources connect are about to be updated.New versions of both VPAID and VAST will create more opportunities to deliver engaging advertising and ensure that online video gets more investment and continues to grow its share of…

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Charting the World of Overlapping Video Standards

The first advertising standards, guidelines and best practices for digital video emerged four years ago, which seems like a short time in the grand scheme of history. But technology moves at an accelerated pace, and four years is enough to make anything outdated in the ad technology space. In fact,…

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Iggy Fanlo of adBrite Discusses Online Video Advertising

Last week, adBrite, an independent ad exchange, won a Stevie Award for the Most Innovative Company of the Year based on its 2010 launch of video pre-roll ad units. AdMonsters asked adBrite's CEO, Iggy Fanlo, a few questions about online video advertising, video standards like VAST and VPAID, video ad…

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Where are we with VAST and VPAID?

Last year when I first joined AdMonsters I wrote an article about the Video Ad Serving Template, commonly know as the VAST which is a XML standard proposed and maintained by the IAB. So what has become of VAST in the 12 months since? Has the industry embraced the VAST…

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Top Themes from the IAB Ad Operations Summit

Yesterday I attended the IAB Ad Operations Summit. It was a packed house which I believe demonstrates how Ad Ops is at the forefront of revenue and top of mind for digital media companies.Here are some of my key observations and takeaways from the day:Breaking down offline vs onlineToday we…

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