Eliminating the Ad-Related Culprits in Video Latency

Viewers hate waiting... But does waiting for content to load actually impact user engagement? Publishers instinctively know that better user-experience leads to a larger, more engaged audience, which in turn means more revenue. To help quantify this correlation, Akamai conducted a study (PDF) to measure the correlation between online video load…

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Charting the World of Overlapping Video Standards

The first advertising standards, guidelines and best practices for digital video emerged four years ago, which seems like a short time in the grand scheme of history. But technology moves at an accelerated pace, and four years is enough to make anything outdated in the ad technology space. In fact,…

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How Updated IAB Standards Will Relieve Video Ad Headaches

Online video ad spending is expected to grow more than 43% next year, but even rapid adoption and eager ad buyers can’t overcome the complexity of multiple video ad formats. This crazy patchwork quilt of formats has been suffocating video, as the nascent industry leaps ahead of standards. Luckily, the…

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