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RTB: Are You Not in Play, Testing the Waters or All In?

While RTB may be nearly ubiquitous among U.S. publishers these days, adoption of the technology across the Atlantic has taken a much more leisurely pace. This isn’t that surprising considering that issues from privacy to highly localized markets make integrating automated selling systems across the European landscape a seemingly Herculean…

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Roll Out the Red Carpet: Premium’s Entrance Into Programmatic

With the growth in digital ad spend via real-time bidding (RTB) validating its place as an established method of media buying, the debate has now turned to the likelihood of premium display inventory coming into the programmatic trading environment at scale.  RTB has proven itself to offer greater efficiencies in…

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Operative: 5 Things We Learned at the Great Debate

On Thursday, November 15th at New York City’s Core Club, over 100 digital media folks gathered to watch a series of debates between some of the industry’s most provocative thought leaders. The Great Debate, as the event was called, took on some of the thorniest issues that the industry is…

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