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Digital Media Lesson II – Saying No to Free-riders

With 2012 elections rapidly approaching, new digital advertising regulatory threats are appearing almost daily. Considering that browser cookies today are used for most measurement and targeting technologies, any drastic changes could mean an effective collapse of today's digital ad ecosystem as we know it.   In a seminal but prescient study, Norm Proselytizers Create…

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Browser Privacy Tools: Let’s Make this EASY!

Editor's note: Originally appeared on the Bizo blog.Debates about the Federal Trade Commission’s call for a “Do Not Track” system to protect consumer Internet privacy have been going on for several weeks now. But only in the last few days has the issue become very “real” for many consumers with…

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5 Questions for Chris Jay Hoofnagle

Chris Jay Hoofnagle will be giving the keynote address Networks, Regulation and Privacy: Understanding Where We are Today at the US Network Forum in San Francisco on June 17.We asked him a few questions in advance of his presentation about privacy issues facing the industry today.Q: Can you please give…

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