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No Better Time to Talk to Your User

"More often than not, my role on a panel is that of moderator and it’s my job to ask the questions and create the narrative," says AdMonsters Chairman, Rob Beeler. A couple of weeks ago, however, I got invited to be on a panel hosted by Admiral and the Local…

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Digital Media Lesson II – Saying No to Free-riders

With 2012 elections rapidly approaching, new digital advertising regulatory threats are appearing almost daily. Considering that browser cookies today are used for most measurement and targeting technologies, any drastic changes could mean an effective collapse of today's digital ad ecosystem as we know it.   In a seminal but prescient study, Norm Proselytizers Create…

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Jack Myers and Rob Beeler at OPS NY Part 4 – Paywalls

We knew when developing the agenda for OPS that we couldn't just have operations people say that ops was sexy. We needed an icon in the industry to help drive that point home and end the day with everyone buzzing about all the great things operations is. We were extremely…

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