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AdMonsters Playbook: Optimizing Video Advertising

While video advertising is still a growing revenue center for most digital publishers, much has changed over the last six years. Intriguing new formats such as outstream have allowed online publishers to additional inventory and new video distribution channels have provided content creators methods to inhabit new platforms and thus…

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IAB Proposes a LEAN Takeover

All your standard units are LEAN now.That was the gist of the IAB’s unveiling of its new Standard Ad Unit Portfolio, now available for draft comment. Pretty much every standard display unit is being replaced by a flexible LEAN (Light, Encrypted, Ad-Choice Supported, Non-Invasive) unit, and the famous/infamous Rising Stars…

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#OPSPOV: Outstream to Pick Up the In-Banner Video Slack

The rough waters never seem to give way for Yahoo. Along with rumors of investor unrest and overall dissatisfaction with CEO Marissa Mayer, Big Y kicked off the year as the poster child for bad behavior in digital video advertising when a CNBC report alleged that not only was its…

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