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Unlocking the Power of Audio Ads: New Research Reveals Their Impact on Attention and Brand Outcomes

This comprehensive study delves into the booming audio advertising industry, exploring its effectiveness across different formats and environments, including podcasts, radio, and music streaming. The findings are poised to reshape how advertisers perceive and leverage the power of audio ads, shedding light on their ability to capture attention and drive…

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Experience Comes First: Why Capitalizing on User Experience Is Key to a Sustainable Video & Revenue Growth Strategy

With steady increases in consumer streaming hours, creating engaging video content that excites and delights users and doesn’t interrupt their experience is paramount. Johanna Bergqvist, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Ex.co talked to us about leveraging user experience strategies into higher CPMs and inventory value to build credibility and trust with your…

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Video Everywhere, But Who’s Watching?

Video is everywhere, and everyone wants it. Whether from desktops or smartphones, 183 million people in the U.S. watched over 37 billion online videos in October 2012 alone, according to comScore. With daily unique views jumping 30% in the past year, video growth shows no sign of slowing, especially as…

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