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How Can Publishers Tell a Better Audience Story?

For years publishers have sold advertising targeted around specific content, using available first-party data as the basis for establishing value around the opportunity. That value proposition is built around the scale of the audience, which boils down to selling pageviews, impressions and clicks. But your audience is a lot more…

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The Next Stage of Social Strategy: A Q&A With Claudia Page of Dailymotion (Part 1)

Facebook's algorithm changes (and public statements) have publishers scrambling to retool the way the platform fits with their business strategy. But let's not panic yet: Claudia Page, Dailymotion's VP, Product and Partner Development, tells Gavin Dunaway about how the industry has been down some similar paths already, and how Facebook's…

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Coexisting on a Competitive Landscape: Lessons from the Monolithic Platforms

As publishing platforms and connected devices continue to multiply, remaining competitive comes into question for every video stakeholder. It’s puzzling that monolithic platform companies, such as Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, are competing for the same buyers, yet all of their platforms have apps for the competitor available in their…

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