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Insurgent: How to take down Dart and Atlas

Maybe the title of the post is hyperbolic but at least this idea could put a big dent in their agency revenues.Note: these are my thoughts, not necessarily reflected of my employer.We talk about agencies having a digital backbone. Yet, for the most part, the technologies are licensed. For today’s…

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Key Points for a Successful Ad Server Migration

Editor's Note: As your business evolves and changes so should your revenue and operations tools. You may find it makes sense to upgrade or switch your tools. This will lead to the dreaded ad server migration. Neil Rigby, Head of Operations at Associated Newspapers Ltd. recently compiled some tips on…

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Cookie Synching

Editor's note: This article was originally posted on the Krux Digital Blog.Overview Cookies are the primary mechanism by which publishers, advertisers, ad networks, ad exchanges, demand side platforms and data exchanges store and track information about users. Cookies are domain specific — in other words, a Cookie set by domain…

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The Challenge of Scaling an Adserver

Editor's Note: This post originally appeared on Mike On Ads.So much of our time these days is spent talking about all the new features & capabilities that people are building into their adserving platforms. One component often neglected in these conversations is scalability.A hypothetical ad startupHere’s a pretty typical story.…

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Improving Ad Ops Efficiency through Technology

We’ve all been there; you just received the third party ad server report(s) for the campaign that, according to your ad server, has been delivering on target, only to discover that the third party report is showing under delivery.  The problem is that you’re billing the client based on their…

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