Seen and Heard: Top 6 Tweets From AdMonsters #OpsNY

So, you missed AdMonsters Ops 2022 in New York? While I won’t outright call you a loser, I will say you missed some of the most intriguing discussions about where the future of ad tech and revenue operations is headed.

And while what life looks like post-cookie ran throughout the two days of knowledge sharing, there was a deep focus on what is actually happening right here and now and why you should be paying closer attention.

Here are six of our favorite tweets that capture the heart of Ops:

Top 6 Tweets From AdMonsters #OpsNY

1. Amanda Martin, SVP, Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships at Goodway Group

We’ve been writing a lot about the rise of retail media in our weekly Wrapper newsletter. Given the troves of first-party data collected at the point-of-sale and true insight into buyer behavior that they can offer advertisers, retail media networks have undoubtedly become the stars of the digital media show. RMNs can help close the gap between consumers seeing ads and actually buying a product. Plus, they have the data to measure ad effectiveness.

That our Programmania Keynote, Amanda Martin — who spoke with me about the future of programmatic from the buyer’s perspective — was the one to call out this moment from the conference sort of emphasizes how much ground truth data will be the holy grail in a world without cookies.

2. Jordan Cauley, Director of Product, Mediavine

This is one of those #IFYKYK or you had to be there moments. If you happen to follow #adtech Twitter, then you already know about the back-and-forth that happens over there about whatever is the topic du jour.

At least once a month, I find myself in a, “Is zero party data a real thing?” debate. And back in February, Scott Messer, Senior Vice President, Leaf Group invited me to a battle royale. So. I pulled in Myles Younger, VP, Go-to-market, Data, Media.Monks, as he wrote our first article on the topic: Twenty Questions: Zero-Party Data Edition. Well, what do you know, those two had the opportunity to hash it all out during the session: Whose Data Is it Anyway? at Ops. But I still don’t think it’s resolved. For that session, they were joined by Jana Meron, Insider Inc and George Stella Here’s my write-up about that session.

3. Gavin Dunaway, Product Marketing Lead, The Media Trust

Kerel Cooper, President of Advertising, Group Black, was our Ops Keynote and his talk focused on the importance of the media industry addressing digital media fragmentation with diversification and innovation. Consumer behavior has changed drastically, people are heavily tuned into streaming, following influencers for shopping advice, and once again attending IRL events. Publishers who can’t think beyond filling standardized ad units to earn revenue are going to have a hard time mapping a road to success and future-proofing their businesses. It’s time to think outside the box.

4. Bill Amstutz, Group Publisher, AdMonsters, AdExchanger, Folio

Speaking of diversification and innovation driving media forward, our group publisher was wowed by CafeMedia’s proprietary ad unit that really focuses on moving the needle on taking purchase intent into the real world by pulling in local deals related to content. If we haven’t learned already, publishers really need to start getting creative about how they use data to step advertising up a few notches. If you really want to engage people and satisfy advertiser’s goals, you have to get inventive.

Even CafeMedia’s Cheif Strategy Officer Paul Bannister commented on Twitter: “Our ad innovation team (led by Emma, presenting here) is building some awesome units that are pushing the limits of creativity! #opsny @AdMonsters


Viewability has a problematic history in advertising. For one, the industry can’t seem to agree on what accounts for a viewable impression. Another problem is it doesn’t account for actions taken. Then there’s the issue of ad position on the page — did the viewer really see it if they didn’t scroll down the page? And let’s not even get into the problems with viewability when it comes to CTV and mobile.  That’s why attention metrics are gaining more popularity within the industry. Viewing an ad does not equal purchase intent, it’s whether someone actually took action on a campaign.

That’s why what CafeMedia is doing with pulling local deals into content is pushing the needle. It’s also why it might be time that publishers start taking shoppable video seriously. Publishers could take a page out of Instagram’s ecommerce ads that are rated as some of the industry’s most effective.


We realized just how important understanding the value of your audience is when during Programmania on a session about publisher pricing floor strategies, an audience member called out “Floor the sh** out of users.” But seriously speaking, setting effective floors is all about fully understanding your inventory. The return to focusing on first-party data and contextual targeting will help publishers improve their pricing strategies. Understanding bidding dynamics are just one part of the equation.

As for the comment, we know it was meant in jest.