IAB Sees More Restrictive Privacy Legislation Around the Corner

September 19, 2022 IAB Sees More Restrictive Privacy Legislation Around the Corner Kroger Precision Marketing Expands Into Video and CTV Around the Water Cooler Inconsistent State Privacy Regulations Trips up Ad Tech With growing state's consumer data privacy regulations and ad tech privacy updates, consumer privacy has become a trending…

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Are We in the Midst of an Ad Recession?

August 09, 2022 Is Ad Tech and Digital Media in a Recession? Is New York Times Ad Sales Decline a Bad Omen for Digital Media? YouTube's Slow Revenue Growth Is Cause for Concern Curating a New Audience With Ad Automation Does Low Ad Spend Signal a Recession Is Near? It…

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🌯 Will Microsoft Acquire Netflix?; Disney & TTD Link Up

July 19, 2022 Is Microsoft Looking to Scoop Up Netflix Next? Disney and TTD Link Up Retail Media: Publisher Friend or Foe? Around The Water Cooler Could the Netflix + Microsoft Ad Partnership Lead to More? Are you as surprised as we are that Netflix selected Microsoft as their significant…

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🌯 Google’s New Ad Tech Branch?; Inflation + Ad Spend

July 11, 2022 Google's New Ad Tech Branch Inflation & Ad Spend TMB Masters Cookie Depreciation Around The Water Cooler Is Google Chopping Up Ad Business to Dodge Antitrust Lawsuit? Hocus pocus. It's looking like Big G is attempting to make a second lawsuit coming from the DOJ magically disappear…

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