Is New Media an Endangered Species?

AdMonsters writer, Susie Stulz, has been reading Traffic, Ben Smith’s book on the start of Gawker, HuffPost, and BuzzFeed. The 2000s were heady days for “new media.” Its founders, ambitious and audacious in equal measure, figured out early on that sites that attract the most traffic win. Scorning traditional media,…

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🌯 Is Consumer Tracking Dead?

We don’t need to tell you that the cookie is crumbling. But which solutions will solve for tracking and measurement in a cookieless ecosystem is up for debate, and it leaves some marketers scratching their heads. Ogury surveyed 1,000 agency and marketing execs, and most believe consumer tracking will become…

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Bot Fraud on the Rise, Doubling YOY

This is just one of the more worrying findings in HUMAN’s yearly Enterprise Bot Fraud Benchmark Report, which examines over 20 trillion digital interactions each week (or about 33 million per second!). The annual report seeks to provide enterprise security teams with the insights they need to understand what they’re…

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Recession Where? 2022 Digital Advertising Revenue Increases

According to the IAB/PwC revenue report for 2022, the digital advertising sector dodged a bullet. “In 2022, the digital advertising industry showed resilience in the face of a strained economy, with ad revenues year-over-year securing double-digit growth and totaling over $200 billion for the first time,” its authors write.

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Google’s D-up Against the DOJ

In January, the DOJ sued Google for allegedly monopolizing the digital advertising market, marking the second time they sued the tech giant. Google’s response shows that they aren’t going to lie down and take it.

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California Wants Big Tech to Pay News Publishers a Usage Fee

California Assembly member, Buffy Hicks, is proposing a state-level version of the journalism usage fee bill. The proposed law will allow local news outlets to work together to bargain with tech giants, such as Facebook and Google, to collect a fee for using their content and selling advertising alongside it.

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