The DOJ Launches Attack Against Google’s Alleged Monopoly

Federal regulations have attacked Big tech monopolies from all sides, but if the Government comes out on top, this could be the first nail in the coffin. For a long time, the duopoly — Meta and Google — hoarded around 85% of ad spend, but privacy regulations took some of…

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U.S. Ad Spend Projected To Increase in Q4 and 2024

2023 is poised to be a year of growth, and the horizon for 2024 appears even more promising. According to the latest industry insights from Madison and Wall's Brian Wieser, the U.S. ad industry is expected to witness a robust 5% increase, reaching a staggering $363 billion in revenue for…

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Amazon PubTech…What Does This Mean?

From reading this news, it's clear that Amazon doesn't yet know what its SSP will do. The job listings make it clear that candidates will have wide-ranging freedom to reimagine a new world and to pioneer novel experiences for publishers to sell video, audio, and display ads.

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The News: The Advertising Ecosystem Is Enjoying a Bit of a Rebound

What a difference a few business quarters make! Back in Q1, all anyone could talk about was an impending recession. The advertising industry expected to take a massive hit as advertisers cut their spending and focused on retail media platforms. We may still have a recession, although as of this…

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