200 Newspapers Vs the Duopoly

  Powered by: December 14, 2021 200 Newspapers Vs Big Tech Start Testing Now: 2023 Isn't That Far Away Stronger Together? More than 200 Newspapers Suing Big Tech Axios uncovered that more than 200 local newspapers are suing Google and Facebook to recoup lost digital revenue swallowed up by Big…

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Could CMA Commitments Delay Cookie Cutoff Further?

  Powered by: November 30, 2021 Could CMA Commitments Delay Cookie Cutoff Further? The Long Goodbye to Third-Party Cookies Should Pubs Up Their Influencer Collabs? Next Up: Sustainable Advertising Ad Tracking Ending to Come Sooner Or Later The ICO’s (Information Commissioner’s Office) outgoing commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, posted a scathing opinion…

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IAB Europe in Breach of GDPR; AI Runs Globe and Mail Paywall

November 12, 2021 IAB Europe Breached GDPR AI Powers Globe and Mail Paywall IAB Europe in Breach of GDPR Google and countless other advertisers rely on IAB Europe’s consent management system, which has now been deemed in violation of GDPR. “IAB Europe designed the misleading ‘consent’ pop-ups that feature on…

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Twitter Ducked Apple’s ATT Hits; Spotify’s Podcast Growth 📈

November 03, 2021 Apple Didn't Hit Twitter's Revenue Is Spotify Gunning For the Number 4 Spot? Twitter Flies Away from Apple’s Revenue Hits Many companies felt the brunt of Apple’s privacy changes earlier this year, but Twitter was not one of them. Its quarterly revenue went up 37%, causing stock…

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Newer Players Dive Head First Into Ad Tech’s Race to the Bottom

October 13, 2021 The Race to the Bottom Continues Marketers Still Eating the Cookies? The Race to the Bottom Continues We all love loads of irrelevant ads littering our in-app experience,s don’t we? Don’t we? And aren’t they all just great for the industry overall? Aren't they? Well, that seems…

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