Google’s Global Legal Troubles

The tech titan Google has found itself in another antitrust debacle. The EU dropped a bombshell, charging them with violating EU antitrust laws. Google's dominance in online advertising has led them down a slippery slope, undercutting their competitors left and right.

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Carbon Offset Your Trip to Cannes Lions

Carbon offsets have received a bad rap from some as a form of greenwashing. However, Brian Murphy, Founder of The Alpine Project, told AdMonsters that carbon removal initiatives are a critical step in the path to net zero. Businesses can ultimately reduce their emissions, so they need to invest in…

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Is New Media an Endangered Species?

AdMonsters writer, Susie Stulz, has been reading Traffic, Ben Smith’s book on the start of Gawker, HuffPost, and BuzzFeed. The 2000s were heady days for “new media.” Its founders, ambitious and audacious in equal measure, figured out early on that sites that attract the most traffic win. Scorning traditional media,…

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🌯 Is Consumer Tracking Dead?

We don’t need to tell you that the cookie is crumbling. But which solutions will solve for tracking and measurement in a cookieless ecosystem is up for debate, and it leaves some marketers scratching their heads. Ogury surveyed 1,000 agency and marketing execs, and most believe consumer tracking will become…

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