Are We in the Midst of an Ad Recession?

August 09, 2022 Is Ad Tech and Digital Media in a Recession? Is New York Times Ad Sales Decline a Bad Omen for Digital Media? YouTube's Slow Revenue Growth Is Cause for Concern Curating a New Audience With Ad Automation Does Low Ad Spend Signal a Recession Is Near? It…

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🌯 Will Microsoft Acquire Netflix?; Disney & TTD Link Up

July 19, 2022 Is Microsoft Looking to Scoop Up Netflix Next? Disney and TTD Link Up Retail Media: Publisher Friend or Foe? Around The Water Cooler Could the Netflix + Microsoft Ad Partnership Lead to More? Are you as surprised as we are that Netflix selected Microsoft as their significant…

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🌯 Google’s New Ad Tech Branch?; Inflation + Ad Spend

July 11, 2022 Google's New Ad Tech Branch Inflation & Ad Spend TMB Masters Cookie Depreciation Around The Water Cooler Is Google Chopping Up Ad Business to Dodge Antitrust Lawsuit? Hocus pocus. It's looking like Big G is attempting to make a second lawsuit coming from the DOJ magically disappear…

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🌯 The American Data Privacy and Protection Act

June 27, 2022 Is America Moving Toward a Consent Popup Nightmare? Streaming Ad Spend New Focal Point of US Upfronts  20% Drop in European Ad Fraud? Around the Water Cooler House Panel Moves Towards Opt-In Privacy Bill The "American Data Privacy and Protection Act" was recently reintroduced. The bill's current version…

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