PubForum Video: Keynote Elgin Kim, Lab1492, on Making Mobile Pay

In all the excitement around connected TV, we’ve forgotten that we’re not even close to tapping the monetization potential of mobile content. In this wide-ranging fireside chat with AdMonsters Chairman Rob Beeler,  mobile expert Elgin Kim, Partner, Lab1492, explores the biggest operational and date challenges in apps and mobile web currently while tapping into the most exciting mobile opportunities.

“We’re at a point now where we’re going to have to focus on that one-to-one relationship,” said Kim. “As a publisher, we can’t rely on the Googles of the world—they tweak something and now you’re down $800,000. You gotta control your own destiny.”

As we move into a more privacy-centric era of media and marketing, his message at the AdMonsters 50th Publisher Forum in Santa Monica couldn’t have been more timely. Check out the video of their chat below.

You’ll find more videos from the 50th PubForum on our Vimeo channel.