PubForum Scottsdale: A Pictorial Retrospective

Ops is sexy. Ops is people. Ops is community.

If you ever attended an AdMonsters Publisher Forum, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t—sorry for ya 😢.

The 3.5 days brings together a small select group of publishers, data professionals and other digital media stars (the unsung heroes of the advertising and media world if you will) to experience a whirlwind of idea-sharing, learning, and networking through interactive sessions and experiential opportunities.

They’re also joined by their ad tech partners (and hope-to-be partners), from whom they learn about the latest technologies that can help them do their jobs better.

Everyone comes away with deeper associations with their peers and a heap load of insights to take back to the office that they can implement post-haste.

Below is a photo gallery sampling what that experience is like, or more specifically what it was like at PubForum Scottsdale.

PubForum Scottsdale: A Pictorial Retrospective

And we're off the races! It's opening night of Publisher Forum Scottsdale as AdMonsters Chairman, Rob Beeler and Editorial Director, Gavin Dunaway greet first-timers.
AdMonsters Chairman Rob Beeler catches up with the OGs (ahem, industry veterans) of ad ops—Dennis Colon, CBSi; Mark Verone, Gogo; Raef Goodwin, PGA Tour; and Derek Nikol, CBSi.
The heart of any Publisher Forum is people! That's exactly what Jacob Kim, Programmatic & Data Strategy, Insider, Inc. discovered at the Scottsdale first-timers'reception.
At a Publisher Forum, we put attendees right to work. This time we asked first-timers to come up with an ad tech startup that would solve a particular issue that’s driving them nuts. It's a lot of fun!
Benjamin Hansz, VP, Strategy, Simplaex shares a laugh with Jonathan Matthews, VP of Publisher Development, Undertone at the Publisher Forum Scottsdale opening night reception.
As host of the opening night dinner, Louis-David Mangin, CEO & Co-Founder, Confiant welcomes all attendees to Publisher Forum Scottsdale 2019.
PubForum Scottsdale Monday morning keynote, Amanda Martin, VP Enterprise Partnerships, Goodway Group chats with AdMonsters Editorial Director Gavin Dunaway about how Supply Path Optimization (SPO) provides an opportunity for the buy-side and sell-side to work together to demand more from the SSPs and DSPs and get better aligned on inventory pathways.
Digital Media Leadership Award Winners Rachael Savage, Executive Director, Ad Operations, Condé Nast; Jeremy Hlavacek, Head of Revenue, IBM Watson Advertising and Derek Nicol, VP, Advertising Technology, CBS Interactive with AdMonsters Chairman Rob Beeler.
Networking with peers at AdMonsters Publisher Forum is just as valuable as attending content sessions.
AdMonsters Senior Editor Lynne d Johnson, Chairman, Rob Beeler and Editorial Director, Gavin Dunaway present the Digital Media Drilldown.
Tuesday Morning Keynote Amit Amit Chaturvedi, EVP, Product and Revenue Operations for WarnerMedia focused on the shifting digital media landscape and how to navigate through change.
In this session, Bill Amstutz, Group Publisher: AdMonsters, AdExchanger, Folio at Access Intelligence chats with Mike McLeod Director, Ad Product and Technology, PGA Tour about how operations and product work together to satisfy both clients and customers.
Janelle F. Faulk, Global Head of Advertising Operations, Bloomberg and Melissa Chapman, Director, Digital Operations, Crain Communications layout the framework for how Ops can build better working relationships with sales.
Adam Solomon, CMO, Lotame explores why next-generation people-based ID graphs will not only open new realms in data-driven marketing but also revolutionize consumer consent management.

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