Goodway Group’s Friedman Says Pubs Gotta Meet Agencies in the Middle

Hey, it’s another episode of our audio series, AdMonsters Discourse, this time featuring Jay Friedman, President at Goodway Group. I’ve been a big fan of Jay’s for a long time, but during the pandemic in particular he’s been spreading wisdom like a firehose over the ad tech Twitter masses. This thread on the ISBA report alone is well worth the cost of admission (oh wait—Twitter is “free”… with a little PII).

I was quite curious on the agency perspective as many advertisers turned off the spend faucets with the pandemic settling in. I got a whole lot more, as Jay ties the digital advertising milieu to the larger global economic picture, while also digging into publisher-marketer relationships during the pandemic; the fate of holding companies (as well as smaller agencies); and how maybe this crisis could change the industry for the better.