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October 10, 2010

The Grand, Brighton

An iconic Victorian building, it stands centre stage on the vibrant Brighton seafront and is a local landmark. Magnificent, imposing and the epitome of luxury. This is The Grand, Brighton.

The Grand experience is one you will never forget. It’s in the splendour of the 123 step sweeping staircase and the exquisite textures in the bedrooms. It’s in the stunning sea views and the warmth with which you are welcomed. It’s in its innate sense of style.

Publisher Forum EU XV - Brighton

Registration opens June 09, 2010


October 10 to 12, 2010
The Grand, Brighton, Sussex, UK

The Grand Brighton

Event News & Updates

Agenda updated

AdMeld becomes Ruby Sponsor

Member Session update: Reece Eaton, “Three Key Concepts of Yield Management

Member Sessions updated: Adib Razzaq, Greg West

Member Session updated: Glen Duncan’s presentation, “Making a Difference in the Sale

Keynote speaker announced: Tim Hussain, Head of Mobile Advertising, Sky will present, “Digital in the second decade: Navigating Convergence

Full Conference Pass $800 (approx GBP £550 or EUR €665)

Conference pass includes:

  • 2 day AdMonsters Publisher Forum in spectacular Brighton
  • 2 nights accommodation at The Grand, Brighton
  • 18 months access to the AdMonsters member-mailing list
  • Sunday Cocktail Reception and Dinner
  • Sponsored Speed Dating Cocktail Reception Monday
  • Sponsor & Member Dinner Monday
  • Breakfast, refreshments breaks & lunch on Monday and Tuesday


Please note: The conference fee will be charged in USD and billed at the applicable exchange rate at the time of transaction.


Conference Format

The conference format for Publisher Forum EU XV will run two full days, beginning with a cocktail reception and dinner on Sunday evening and ending at 5 PM Tuesday. The majority of the agenda is comprised of the following:

  • one keynote by an industry visionary
  • sessions led by ad ops leaders who are also AdMonsters members
  • breakouts covering a wide variety of focused and ad-ops relevant topics; some examples include ad serving technology, inventory management, organizational structure, business process automation, ad operations policies, rich/streaming media, and case studies

Keynote Speaker

Tim Hussain Admonster KyenoteTim Hussain

Head of Mobile Advertising


Digital in the second decade: Navigating Convergence

What do we really mean by “Online” in 2010? How do consumers engage with our businesses in multi-platform world?  At what point do you focus your energies on the new platforms for advertising like mobile, video and the convergence of digital and television? How do you balance the fear of being left behind with the need to have a solid gameplan? These are the questions that Ad Operations leaders and their bosses need to be asking themselves as they try to navigate these exciting and interesting times in our industry.

Tim joined Sky as Head of Mobile Advertising in October 2008 to develop and drive Sky’s mobile advertising sales strategy. He has over eight years of commercial and product experience within digital companies across European and global markets. Previously, he was Head of Mobile Monetisation for AOL Europe and Head of Mobile for AOL in the UK, roles which saw him design and execute the European mobile strategy, including the creation of AOL’s European Mobile team. After AOL’s acquisition of Third Screen Media in 2007, Tim took the leading role in integrating the newly acquired mobile offering into AOL Europe and established AOL’s 3rd party mobile ad sales business.  Before this, Tim had risen rapidly through the ranks at AOL UK since 2000, holding positions including Commercial Manager for Paid Services and Retail Sales Manager for ecommerce. Tim currently sits on the IAB Mobile council.



Member Sessions

Forming Partnerships That Work For You

Adib Razzaq
Digital Partnership Manager, News International

There is an overabundance of companies looking to work with publishers, but how many are true partners? With a focus on networks, network optimizers and ad exchanges, this session will discuss how to manage this complex and ever-changing landscape of friends and foes.

Ad Operations’ Strategic Role

Greg West
Business Analytics Executive, News International

As the online advertising marketplace continues to become more complex and data-driven, it’s important for Ad Operations to play a more strategic role within the organization to achieve success. This session will illustrate how ad operations should play a pivotal role for strategy, and how it can be utilised to meet the business need. It will focus on working with sales proactively rather than for sales reactively, and look at the reporting mechanism from system set up to strategic business decision. The macro and micro economic effects on how or why ad operations functions are carried out are at the forefront of online workflow which needs to be scrutinised from an ad ops position throughout.

Making a Difference in the Sale

Glen Duncan
Head of Ad Operations, Virgin Media

Ad Operations has evolved from being a trafficking team to one that has many influential touch points within the company. The connection of Ad Ops to Sales, however may be it’s most important. From pre-planning all the way through to delivery and billing, Ad Operations needs to help insure success of the sale for companies to succeed. This session will give some insight into how Ad Ops can approach their role and their relationship to sales.

Three Key Concepts of Yield Management

Reece Eaton
UK Planning Manager, MTV Digital Networks

Yield management may mean different things to different companies but at the heart of it, yield management is about understanding your inventory and what it is worth. By measuring capacity, average price and daily delivery, a yield manager can help drive key sales and business decisions. This session will share some best practices to make that happen.