Minding Your Demand Partners: Take Our Partner Evaluation/Ad Quality Survey

In order to maximize yield and revenue in a multi-screen, multi-platform environment, publishers find themselves working with more demand partners than ever. This trend is fueled by users’ habits of content consumption, and enabled by technology that evolves in step with user’s habits. Of course, this can get complicated for publishers, because demand partners vary by the value they can deliver to one channel or another (page, video, mobile app).
They also differ in the quality of ads they deliver to publishers. With so many partners in play, it’s more challenging than ever to root out the source of malvertising, redirects, latency, bad creative, low yield, and other QA-related issues. Every publisher can point to ad quality problems that simply aren’t worth whatever revenue they get in exchange. And publishers are increasingly fearless about cutting off demand partners who can’t deliver the quality they expect.
AdMonsters, with the support of sponsor GeoEdge, will be creating a playbook for evaluating demand partners with an eye for maintaining ad quality. As part of our research efforts, we’ve launched a survey so publishers can weigh in on these issues. We want to know about the factors you consider in either keeping or cutting off a demand partner, and about which aspects of “ad quality” are the most meaningful to your business. If you have a few minutes–and that’s all it’ll take–please go ahead and chime in on this survey! We’ll be analyzing the results and expanding on them this spring.