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The Next Stage of Social Strategy: A Q&A With Claudia Page of Dailymotion (Part 3)

Here's the conclusion of this three-part interview series with Claudia Page, Dailymotion's VP, Product and Partner Development. Claudia tells Gavin Dunaway that publishers will always need larger platforms to drive traffic to their O&Os. But when pubs look to these platforms, they need not only the traffic, but opportunities to…

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The Next Stage of Social Strategy: A Q&A With Claudia Page of Dailymotion (Part 2)

In the second of this three-part interview series, Claudia Page, Dailymotion's VP, Product and Partner Development, shows Gavin Dunaway a world outside of Facebook for content distribution and for getting traffic. Facebook, she says, has veered away from its most distinct core features, and there are pluses and minuses in…

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Connecting With the Youth: A Q&A With Sweety High’s Frank Simonetti

Seriously, though, what IS up with kids these days? Sweety High CEO/Cofounder Frank Simonetti has some real observations on the media habits of young audiences, beyond the speculation and hyperbole we've heard elsewhere. Here's a preview of what he'll be talking about in his PubForum keynote on Tue., March 6.

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Data Leakage Is Real, Video Ad Activation Is Complicated

Agency Insider: Yep, We're Buying Publishers' Data Indirectly Digiday’s “Confessions” series most recently brought us a chat with a programmatic buyer at an ad agency. For publishers who fret over how much valuable data they’re losing to wily buy-siders, this more or less confirms several of their fears. The buyer…

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Lift Tests Rising, Cross-Platform Addressable

Lift Tests: The Next Programmatic Trend? Among advertisers, especially performance advertisers, lift tests are on the rise, AdExchanger reports. Performance advertiser are feeling some heat to justify ROI for all their activities, which is why they’re looking at measuring incremental lift in whatever channels they’re spending in. One reason for…

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Punching Above Your Weight: Can You Compete With Facebook in Video?

We're all aware the digital ad marketplace is currently dominated by just a couple of massive companies--and you know exactly who they are. One evergreen issue for publishers is the question of how to navigate this dynamic: Working with Facebook and Google is practically a necessity, especially where distributing your…

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