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Ad Ops Terms Explained: Best Of AdMonsters Decoder 2018

In the ad ops industry (aka “online ad operations," “online advertising operations," “ad operations,” “online ad ops," and “ops” in the trade)—things keep changing all the time. There’s a new regulation here, some new tech to learn about there and then a bunch of rejiggering the pipes to keep apace.…

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DFP 4EVR: Google Ad Manager Fallout

Back when Google announced that the melding of DFP and AdX was complete and Google Ad Manager (GAM to those who know it best... Well, really still DFP) was born, we were skeptical that a new monster had arrived on the publisher-side monetization scene. Well, from what we heard at…

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Video Programmatic Guaranteed Rises

On a recent panel I moderated with some pretty impressive ad tech representation (if I do say so myself), my panelists were oddly uniform in arguing that programmatic guaranteed for digital video—especially served on connected TV or OTT—is the most exciting emerging transactional platform. Why? Because it's easy, I argue...…

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Death of DoubleClick, Birth of a Monster?

Cleaning out my apartment to prepare for a new family member, I came across an old, dusty travel mug that I don’t think had ever been used. (Travel mugs are useless for an espresso snob like moi.) Emblazoned on its side was a DoubleClick logo so old that I honestly…

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What Is Programmatic Guaranteed?

Programmatic guaranteed deals have been in the air for a while now. But as we’ve seen at several AdMonsters events, when a session on programmatic opens up into the Q&A segment, there’s still a lot of confusion about what programmatic guaranteed means. The marketplace hasn’t made clarity on this terminology…

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Hey Digital Media Doomsayers—Did You Forget About Ad Fraud?

Repent, sinners, because the digital media apocalypse is now upon us. Even outside the trades, the news is awash in talks of corrections; discourses on the failure of advertising and why subscriptions are the only option; and pre-emptive surrenders of souls to the Duopoly. I hear bunker sales are through the roof…

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