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IAB’s Retail Media Buyer’s Guide

The IAB created the Retail Media Buyer's Guide to address these issues. But as Retail Media has emerged as a robust privacy compliance tool, we know the medium is here to stay. It is now up to key stakeholders to collaborate to ensure RMNs benefit all involved parties.

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Is Shoppable TV The Future Of Consumer Purchasing?

In a session at Ops NYC, “Shoppable TV: Shaping E-commerce's Future with Unique Consumer Experiences,” moderated by Marika Roque, Chief Innovation Officer & Chief Operating Officer for KERV and featuring Miles Fisher, Senior Director Ad Platforms & Growth Sales for Roku, and Amie Owen, US Head of Commerce for Universal…

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Online Shoppaholics: How Can Publishers Embrace Commerce Media?

Shoppable online advertising is evolving beyond static banners and pop-ups. Today’s innovations are far more actionable than your standard, static units. To reflect this, new deal-focused media companies have risen along with deal-focused coverage and commentary on traditional publishers for this increasingly savings-focused audience. Many have seen a parallel growth…

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