AdMonsters + You Recap 2020: Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty

As we wrap up 2020, we wanted to take a minute to reflect on a quality that is innate to the AdMonsters community: resilience.

2020 was the year of the curveball. For the digital media industry and the world, Q1 brought a deluge of change: sudden home offices for most, reduced budgets for many, and sadly, even layoffs for some. We had to adapt just about every facet of our work and home lives. We had to be resilient, and it was hard at times. Whether you missed the camaraderie of the office, the quiet solitude of a commute, the excitement of business travel, or even just putting on real pants, everyone was missing something this year.

AdMonsters felt it was our duty to keep the digital media community talking and learning. We knew that peer-to-peer sharing was perhaps even more important during a time of isolation and uncertainty. Like everyone else, we pivoted. With live events off the table, how could we make these interactions similarly valuable and authentic?

This year, you let us into your lives with a variety of virtual learning and networking opportunities: 


We organized Publisher Forum Virtual in August and PubForum+ in December, with a collective 2,000 attendees that came together across five days of keynotes, sessions and breakouts.


With topics ranging from Identity to Privacy to Cookies, 3,000+ of you registered to attend an AdMonsters webinar, which we proudly make free of cost to everyone in the industry.


Our Think Tanks kept the spirit of small group networking alive this year. We brought together groups of 10-12 director-level+ individuals for intimate hourlong tête-à-têtes on specifics topics.

We truly hope that you could benefit from these conversations. AdMonsters’ key objective is to champion the mission-critical importance of Revenue Operations within the media organization and to bring people together for that purpose.

If you’d like to share some feedback on how we can better serve you and your professional community, we’d love to hear from you. You can shoot us a note at [email protected], which goes right to me and the team.

AdMonsters will be back in 2021 with our resiliency force fields on high. We look to the future with both optimism and realism and hope to bring you a mix of vibrant virtual learning opportunities and, perhaps as the year progresses, some opportunities for safe in-person networking.

Here’s to you, Monsters. Here’s to your work. Here’s to every campaign, every client fire you put out, every tech stack tweak, every great idea, and every fail, and most of all, every time you showed resiliency in the face of uncertainty. We see you.

Best wishes and happy holidays,

Bill Amstutz

Group Publisher