AdMonsters 2022 Rewind: The Great Webinar Replay

Do you have a little downtime? Are you looking for something informative to binge on? If so, let’s rewind and look back at the webinars AdMonsters aired in 2022. 

Whether you’re craving a rewatch or want to catch up on some much-needed viewing, AdMonsters’ webinars are available at your leisure. This year, our webinar series dealt with the future of monetization, malvertising schemes, and how publishers use data to close deals. 

Here is the replay of our Top 3 webinars in 2022. 

How Publishers Use Data to Close More Deals With Advertisers

More than ever, data ethics and transparency are essential to data gathering. Overtime, consumers grew skeptical of how publishers and advertisers use their data but now evolving privacy regulations address those concerns. 

The industry has a long road to rectify past mistakes, but progress is afoot. There is a plausible future that balances ethical data collection and revenue efficiency. Not only does this webinar delve into that notion, but also how finding the right cadence is beneficial for publishers and advertisers to continue to drive revenue.

First-party data will build a sustainable advertising ecosystem that is fully future-proofed. Need an example? 

Watch Stephanie Mazzamaro, VP of data product & operations, Trusted Media Brands (TMB) and Thomas Baart, customer success manager, EMEA, at Permutive to learn how they used their partnership. The collaboration  helps TMB increase audience size by 22X, increase RFP win rate by 31%, and use first-party data to drive 94% of their direct-sold campaigns. 

2023 Malvertising Preview

Trends such as iframe sandboxing, vendor adoption, and better threat sharing all contributed to decreases in forced redirects. Thanks to the due diligence of ad quality vendors, tools are available to ward off malvertising and bad actors. 

While these tools are helpful, they, unfortunately, do not fully solve the issue. Bad actors only get better at the games they play. Secret holes in the open web allow malicious schemers to find innovative ways to attack both publishers and consumers.

Now, this isn’t the time to become complacent. You should ask yourselves: 

  • How can I identify a malvertising scheme? 
  • What are the malvertising trends for the upcoming year? 
  • How can I play a role to help decrease the prevalence of these schemes? 

AdMonsters chatted with senior executives at Confiant about the different types of malvertising scams, trends to look out for in 2023, and industry collaboration. 

The Future of Monetization

Are you contemplating the future of your monetization goals? Here’s what you should consider: 

  • Privacy regulations shifted how the entire industry runs its businesses. 
  • The power dynamic between the consumer, publisher, and advertiser are changing. 
  • Tech innovations made app publishers reevaluate their ARPDAU. 

Don’t fret. You can reach your monetization goals, but it’s time to shed your old practices and evolve. While ad revenue is vital to any thriving business, it must not outweigh the needs of your audience. 

“Monetization is important, but it is a secondary metric,” said Ram “TK” Krishnamurthy, General Manager (Meson) and VP of strategic partnerships, InMobi. “It is something that has to be done, but in a way that helps you retain the user.” 

In an ad spend slowdown, “The Future of Monetization” is an essential viewing. TK and Adam Sadur, head of programmatic, SmartNews, spoke about how publishers are taking control of their monetization destiny, what to expect in 2023, and more.