Yahoo Advertising Rolls Out Yahoo Blueprint, an AI-powered Media Buying Suite

If ad tech innovation were being redefined for 2023, Yahoo would be listed at the top of that entry. After shutting down its SPP earlier this year, the legacy brand has been on a tear rolling out new features for the buy side to drive better results from their ad spend. 

Yahoo Blueprint — the latest tool emerging out of the house of Yahoo Advertising — is an AI suite for media buying powering performance-based solutions fueled by over 335 million logged-in Yahoo users.

“What sets our AI suite apart is the vast scale of proprietary data we tap into before considering third-party or customer first-party data,” said Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Chief Revenue Officer at Yahoo. “In introducing Yahoo Blueprint, we are now allowing advertisers to capitalize on Yahoo’s extensive history of machine learning and data-driven decision-making in a new and accessible way.”

The AI suite’s capabilities include new data visualizations featuring AI-driven insights and recommendations; bidding and forecasting precision based on audience segment, day parting inventory type across channels, formats, and exchanges; AI-powered audience insight tools that leverage Yahoo proprietary data, third-party data, and advertiser first-party data; predictive audiences; and customer value optimization.

AdMonsters spoke with Adam Roodman, SVP of Product Strategy and Management at Yahoo to take a deep dive into Yahoo Blueprint. Read on to learn more.

Yakira Young: What are the core features of Yahoo Blueprint, and how does it contribute to better ad performance and optimization?

Adam Roodman: AI is revolutionizing digital advertising, and Yahoo has been at the forefront of AI-powered advertising for decades. Yahoo Blueprint is a just-launched AI engine that makes buying in the Yahoo DSP easier, faster, and more effective.

Yahoo Blueprint utilizes AI to offer recommendations, insights, and automatic campaign optimization. It supports the entire campaign lifecycle, from targeting and optimization to performance and measurement, through AI-powered decision-making.

YY: How does Yahoo Blueprint leverage algorithmic capabilities to offer campaign forecasting and optimization?

AR: Yahoo Blueprint uses AI to provide insights, recommendations, and optimization for ad campaigns. The AI co-pilot feature assists in campaign improvements and auto-optimizes to meet advertiser goals. AI is also used in predictive audience modeling, customer value optimization, and bidding and forecasting precision.

YY: Elizabeth Herbst-Brady mentioned the vast scale of proprietary data. Can you explain how YahooBlueprint utilizes this data before considering third-party or customer-first-party data?

AR: Advertisers see the scale of our proprietary, or first-party, data set as a huge benefit in working with us. This is primarily driven by the evolving digital advertising landscape, where the reliability of third-party data is increasingly challenged due to privacy regulations and the deprecation of third-party cookies.

To that end, with Blueprint, we are harnessing the strengths of Yahoo’s extensive data resources, along with third-party and customer first-party data, to enhance overall campaign effectiveness and compliance.

While Yahoo’s proprietary data is a key component in the Blueprint system, it’s not about algorithmic prioritization over other data types. It’s about effectively leveraging all available data sources to deliver the most comprehensive and effective advertising solutions to our clients.

YY: How has Yahoo Blueprint contributed to stronger results for Yahoo DSP clients?

AR: Yahoo Blueprint is a new platform, but it is already saving agencies like Red Moon Marketing up to an hour’s worth of work each day.

Further, Pat Fitzell from Novus Media has said, “Yahoo Blueprint makes AI tangible, actionable, and accessible, and delivers real-world impact. It allows us to quickly identify which components need adjustment and optimization in real-time. From campaign planning to reporting, Yahoo Blueprint truly empowers us to stay ahead and maximize our ad performance.”

YY: Can you elaborate on the key components of phase one AI capabilities, such as the new data visualizations, Omniscope, Audience Insights, Predictive Audiences, and Customer Value Optimization?

AR: The first phase of AI capabilities within Yahoo Blueprint is focused on components to enhance our advertisers’ experience and campaign effectiveness.

Starting with new Data Visualizations, we’ve designed them to bring AI-driven insights and recommendations into a single, user-friendly hub. This centralization on the Yahoo DSP homepage means advertisers can quickly access and understand key insights, enabling faster and more informed decision-making. It’s about making complex data intuitive and actionable.

Then there’s Omniscope, our advanced algorithmic forecasting tool. It allows advertisers to plan and compare various targeting parameters’ projected reach and performance. This tool is particularly beneficial for enhancing omnichannel buying, offering precise forecasting capabilities, and beneficial for CTV advertisers looking to gauge incremental reach against linear audiences.

We also have the Audience Insights tool, powered by AI to be highly intuitive. It leverages Yahoo’s proprietary data, along with third-party and advertiser first-party data, to provide actionable insights before, during, and after campaigns. These insights are presented in easy-to-read charts, making the data accessible and practical for campaign planning and adjustment.

Predictive Audiences is another critical component. It utilizes AI to analyze a multitude of dimensions, like interests and demographics, to predict the purchase likelihood of each user. This feature helps advertisers target potential customers more accurately, focusing on those most likely to engage with their products or services.

Lastly, Customer Value Optimization is about maximizing the value of advertisers’ first-party data. It uses an optimization algorithm to find new customers who share the same predicted value as their most prized customers. This approach not only aids in customer acquisition but also in building a more robust and loyal customer base. This tool is especially innovative and exciting for our customers.

Each of these components in the first phase is designed to work in harmony, providing a comprehensive suite of tools that empower advertisers to optimize their campaigns effectively, backed by the robust AI and data capabilities of Yahoo Blueprint.

Adam Roodman is the SVP of Product Strategy and Management for Yahoo‘s Advertising business, overseeing the product vision, strategy, and execution for the Yahoo DSP. A seasoned business leader with over twenty-five years of experience, Adam has led sales and product teams across some of the industry’s most well-known advertising brands. Before Yahoo, Adam was the head of exchange sales at Verizon Media and AOL. He has also held sales and business development leadership roles at Microsoft and aQuantive. Adam is a graduate of Washington State University, where he studied advertising and communications.