What’s In Your Header? Yield Optimization… Transformed!

As header bidding becomes increasingly commonplace, the initial thrill of ramped-up revenue has started to drop off a bit. That’s not to imply anyone who’s really seeing positive results via header is going to take those results for granted—in fact, almost as soon as header bidding itself became commonplace, so did the practice of onboarding as many demand partners as you have the dev resources to manage.

Basically, if header is going to work for your particular publisher business, there’s a good chance you’re or near a point where you know for sure that it’s working.

So the next step, big surprise, is to start optimizing, looking closely at the performance of your header partners and trying to figure out some kind of strategy to allow the best-performing partners to maximize results. And what that ends up looking like is a re-thinking of yield optimization strategy.

Among publishers who have been bullish in header, there’s been more and more thought about how header bidding is now pointing a way beyond standard waterfall-related issues and toward holistic yield management (in fact, that’s a subject StudyBreak Media’s Samuel Youn is going to be addressing in greater detail at AdMonsters’ next Publisher Forum in August).

At the last PubForum, AdMonsters and Index Exchange shot a series of video interviews with publishers about current and likely upcoming key issues around header bidding, and Jordan Woods—at the time Marketing Manager at Curiosity Media, now Product Marketer at FullStory—brought up this very idea.

Watch the video to hear Jordan’s thoughts about how advanced header bidding can lead to a re-evaluation of holistic yield strategy, and check out AdMonsters’ YouTube channel for 14 other videos from this series.