What’s In Your Header? Know Your Header Metrics

Know Your Header Metrics

Value obviously can move the needle in any marketplace, but what really makes waves is the perception of value. That’s been happening in header bidding. More and more companies have been trying to get into the header, offering their own integrations and their own idividual “twist” that would set them apart from other header partners. And because, for a long time, many header-active publishers have seen their revenues grow ceaselessly by onboarding additional header partners, these new header offerings have been generally welcomed by the market.

Now pubs are approaching a point where there’s a lot of noise in the header. It’s time to look closely at which partners are performing, who’s bringing original demand, and who’s driving quantifiable value. Pubs need to have some kind of a methodology for determining who gets to stay in their header and who should be booted out. That’s something Chegg VP of Advertising Emry DowningHall talks about in this video. It’ll be impossible to onboard every header partner and irrepsonsible to assume what you’ve got is ideal for your needs, so publishers need to consider metrics for header performance that work for them. Check out Emry’s advice in this video, and also the whole video series about header bidding AdMonsters created with Index Exchange at PubForum 38 in Newport Beach, CA.