Webinar Replay: 3 Things We Learned Switching to a Next-Gen DMP

The role of data in advertising has changed… has your data management platform kept up?

In 2016, Scott Messer (Senior Vice President, Media at Leaf Group) wrote an article about how tricky it was to switch Data Management Platforms. Stating that, “migrations can be painful, debilitating and rife with pitfalls.” Three years later, Leaf Group made the decision to switch DMP again. This time to Permutive, a next-generation DMP that allows Leaf Group to target every user across all browsers (even Safari), and most importantly their valuable passer-by traffic.

In this session Scott joins Kristy Schafer (VP, Americas at Permutive) to give publishers some honest advice on evaluating their current technology and what pitfalls to avoid when changing DMP.


Scott Messer
SVP, Media
Leaf Group







Kristy Schafer
VP, Americas