UI Upgrade: How Future Today is Transforming Streaming for Viewers and Brands Alike

Future Today’s enhanced user interface offers advertisers prime homepage real estate, free from competition. It’s now featured on nearly half the company’s 300 streaming apps, including flagship ad-supported platforms Fawesome, HappyKids, and iFood.TV. Updates for the remaining apps are on the way.

In the rapidly advancing world of streaming services, Future Today strives to stand out by enhancing user experience and providing better brand integration with its new user interface (UI). 

Jennifer D’Alessandro, Head of Ad Sales and Marketing at Future Today, shared insights into how this redesign is improving viewer engagement and brand recognition.

Three Ways Future Today is Transforming Streaming

  1. Revamping Auto-Play and Viewer Engagement

First Impressions Matter: The new auto-play feature in the UI aims to captivate viewers from the moment they open the app. According to D’Alessandro, if viewers find the initial imagery appealing, they are more likely to explore further and spend more time on the platform.

2. Prioritizes the “First-Screen Advantage”

Prime Real Estate for Brands: The first-screen advantage refers to the prominent display of a brand’s hero image as soon as the app opens. This space is exclusively occupied by one brand, ensuring zero clutter and maximum visibility. As D’Alessandro explains, “Owning the hero image as viewers open the app is valuable real estate” and helps brands stand out memorably.

Immediate Impact on Consumer Behavior: The hero image encourages immediate engagement, whether viewers are learning about new features, exploring upcoming movie scenes, or understanding a product. This section can be static or interactive, offering brands multiple ways to connect with potential customers.

3. New Strategic Brand Integrations

Customization for Each Audience: Future Today’s apps, including HappyKids, Fawesome, and iFood.TV are tailored for specific audiences. Their hero images align with the app’s theme, such as family-friendly imagery for HappyKids, diverse content for Fawesome, or lifestyle programming for iFood.TV. D’Alessandro emphasizes that brands can create thematic takeovers related to holidays, programming, or genres.

Enhanced Interaction: Working closely with Future Today’s design team allows advertisers to enrich their hero images with trivia, behind-the-scenes content, product features, and more, maximizing engagement.

Anticipating Advertising Trends to Come

D’Alessandro foresees the future of advertising within AVOD platforms as being all about impactful connections and natural brand integrations. Authenticity will be crucial to avoid forced partnerships and maintain an enjoyable viewer experience. Most importantly, less is more. 

Another area where Future Today is tapping into trends and insights is by catering to the needs of a diversified audience. That dedication to diversity extends to its apps and hero pages. Custom pages highlight historical milestones, and Spanish-language content is featured to engage diverse audiences.

Future Today will keep evolving its advertising offerings based on emerging trends and consumer needs. Being an independent publisher provides them with the agility to refresh their content library and adapt to changes swiftly. Staying flexible and innovative is key.

 The video publisher’s new UI enhances users’ streaming experience and offers brands unique opportunities to engage with audiences creatively and effectively. As they continue to innovate, Future Today remains committed to being a leader in the AVOD space.