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Rob Beeler

Dbrief on DMEXCO

Last week marked my return to the non-Brexiting part of Europe in several years to attend DMEXCO. My assumption is that most operations people really don’t know a lot about DMEXCO other than Germany is a funny place to go to something that sounds like it belongs in Latin America.…

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Celebrating Five Years of Beeler

Five years ago at our Publisher Forum in Boulder, I heard people chanting. And by people I mean Canadians. Several of them. While a certain amount of singing and dancing is expected at AdMonsters events, I had not encountered this before.And the thing is, they weren’t chanting “Ad-Monsters, Ad-Monsters, Ad-Monsters”...…

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Monster In the Mirror: AdMonsters’ Rob Beeler

In our latest Monster In the Mirror, we thought, who better to showcase than our very own Content Czar Rob Beeler. Rob works like a champion, and all you have to do is read below to find out why. Only Rob can make magic from two MacBooks, a ThinkPad, and…

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