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Forging Forward: Unlocking PMP Potential

The promise of private marketplaces is both alluring and straightforward. For brands, there’s the opportunity to reach engaged audiences of premium publishers with the efficiency of programmatic. For those premium publishers, there’s an opportunity to move inventory via programmatic, but at significantly higher CPMs than they can net in the…

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Valuation: The New Buying Skill

Media buying is about information superiority. Superior information allows parties of a bilateral transaction to quantify the value of the asset being bought and sold.Consider the television upfronts taking place in coming weeks — they are all about information superiority. Unfortunately, value is based on the amount of increase (or…

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How Science Is Impacting the World of Digital Marketing

We often group advertisers into two buckets: the creative and the practical. But is one group really an extension of the other?Consider this analogy: if you went to the beach this summer, you probably spotted seashells and thought that the pattern on each shell was beautiful and unique – that…

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Making RTB a More Efficient Marketplace for Both Sides

The RTB marketplace is not yet operating as a truly efficient market with equal benefit to both sides. This is due to basic economics: Supply exceeds demand, and auction-based pricing combined with low bid density results in a market rife with arbitrage.Buyers are accustomed to drawing from a large commoditized…

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Q&A With Nicolle Pangis, 24/7 Media

Yesterday 24/7 Media (rebranded from 24/7 Real Media last month) announced an extensive partnership with Microsoft Advertising, including naming the Microsoft Advertising Exchange the exclusive third-party ad exchange offered to users of 24/7 Open AdStream; annointing the Microsoft Media Network as the only non-WPP demand source with programmatic access to…

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Steps to Simplification: Q&A With Matt Barash

They say it will be a love fest, but we're all secretly hoping for a round of sparring – on Wednesday, April 18 at OPS Markets in New York, Matt Barash, digital media adviser and entreprenuer previously seen at Forbes and Fox Audience Network, will join pal JR Randall, Director…

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