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OpenRTB 3.0: A Question of Adoption

Particularly with the digital signature initiative Ads.cert, OpenRTB 3.0 is going to be a major leap forward for transparency and anti-fraud efforts in the programmatic space. But of course there's a catch—version 3.0 is not backwards compatible, meaning SSPs, DSPs, and other intermediaries have a lot of code re-writing on…

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The “Truth” About Blockchain (Part 2)

Last week, Gabe Greenberg advised readers to be wary of blockchain-based ad tech solutions that over-promise on this still-emerging technology. Now, he explains how blockchain could replace OpenRTB and solve for the protocol's flaws, and he shows us some examples of how brands are already using blockchain tech outside of…

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The “Truth” About Blockchain (Part 1)

"Blockchain" is a buzzword, and buzzwords are wont to be misused—so be careful whose promises you believe. Gabe Greenberg advises us that while blockchain for advertising holds loads of promise, no company is applying it at scale... yet.

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OpenRTB Mobile – Propelling the Mobile Ad Marketplace Forward

On behalf of all of the founding members, I am thrilled to announce the formation of OpenRTB Mobile, a committee within the OpenRTB consortium dedicated to increasing the adoption of real-time bidding (RTB) in mobile advertising. The committee’s goal is to set standards on non-competitive features and functionality, in order…

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What OpenRTB Means for Ad Operations

Recently there was an announcement introducing OpenRTB, which is a consortium made up of both demand and supply side providers. The goal of the consortium is to create less friction in an marketplace that is only becoming more and more complex. Part of that initiative includes proposing a set of…

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OpenRTB Consortium

As much of the industry knows by now, we were honored to announce our participation in the newly formed OpenRTB Consortium earlier this month. With more and more publishers looking to real-time bidding (RTB) as a key source of demand for their inventory, it’s critical to have the right standards…

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